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Motorcycle ignition lock technology has advanced significantly in recent years, but one thing has always been true: when you can’t unlock your motorcycle and ride off, you’re really stuck. You might be on a scenic ride in a remote area, or trying to get home before that rainstorm on the horizon rolls into town. When you need a motorcycle key replacement or other motorcycle locksmith services, you want someone reliable and knowledgeable to show up.

We’re Northwest Keyway of Schererville, IN, and we’re locally owned and operated. With years of experience and serving Schererville, Hammond, Highland, Gary, Crown Point, and most of Lake County. We repair and rekey most motorcycle ignition lock components, including tubular Harley Davidson keys, BMW motorcycle keys, chipped motorcycle keys, and all your other locks, from the critical gas cap lock to helmet locks and saddlebags. If you’re looking for a locksmith near me that can handle your ride, you’ve found us.

As Motorcycle Locksmiths, We Solve Problems When You’re Keyless Or Stuck

motorcycle key in the ignition (top) and a replacement motorcycle ignition lock (botom)

We can cut new keys for all types of motorcycles and program fobs and remotes for models that use them (top). We can also repair and replace motorcycle ignition locks (bottom).

If you need to replace that motorcycle key that you dropped while hiking, let slip down a drain, or is somewhere in your house but you can’t quite remember, no worries. Our motorcycle locksmith skills can create something out of nothing, so even if that was your last key we can do something about it.

In order to make your motorcycle key, we will determine the key code or decode your lock to generate the cut depths. Then, if your bike used a transponder key, we will program it to the onboard computer which disables the anti-theft module and allows the bike engine to turn on.

For most motorcycles that means uncovering a secret code that helps us cut a new key for you, although for some late-model motorcycles there are some security challenges from the manufacturer you may have to face. That reminds us: why not get some extra keys cut and tuck them away, both at home and somewhere on your person so you’re covered when you ride?

Motorcycle Key Cutting & Key Copies

From classic keys for your domestic and import classic bikes, to chipped motorcycle keys and those tubular Harley Davidson keys, we’re your source not only for motorcycle key replacement but a couple of sets of backup keys so you never get stuck. Until you lose those, of course, but as your local motorcycle locksmith, you’ll have our number handy, right? Don’t forget your gas cap lock and key, because we know that having your motorcycle ignition key but not your gas cap key limits your range somewhat.

We also work with BMW, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, and more. Call today to see if we can make your motorcycle key.

Motorcycle Key Ignition Replacement and Damage Repair

Some newer motorcycles have fairly elaborate theft deterrence built-in, which makes life difficult if you’re trying to get a motorcycle key replacement without one in hand to copy, but we can help. For older motorcycles, you may experience problems when people try to break into your ignition lock or previous owners who still have copies of your key. We have solutions for both of those situations, with the ability to repair motorcycle ignition locks and switches and to rekey motorcycle ignition locks, a simple process that just requires a new key without replacing the ignition lock assembly. Our mobile motorcycle locksmith van can make all the new keys you need once the rekeying is done, too.

Your Expert Mobile Motorcycle Locksmith

Whether we’re securing your motorcycle so it can serve you for years to come, or helping you out of a tough spot when you’ve lost your keys or the ignition’s jammed, at Northwest Keyway in Schererville, IN, we’re glad to help. Give our mobile service a call for backup keys today or request a quote on our contact us page!

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