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Running a local Schererville business presents enough challenges without worrying about the safety of your property and assets. At Northwest Keyway Locksmith, we make securing your company straightforward and affordable with specialized commercial locksmith services. Our mobile technicians provide a wide range of lock and key services including lock installation, key duplication, lock rekeying, master key systems, and 24/7 emergency lockout service should you lose your keys or lock them inside your property.

Lock Installation and Repair

commercial locksmith services

We offer a wide range of commercial locksmith services including (top to bottom): lock installation, lock rekeying, and emergency unlock service.

Over months and years of consistent daily use, commercial door locks can become sticky, hard to turn, or even freeze completely up if a key has broken off in the lock or the lock has been damaged by an attempted break-in. If this is the case for any of the exterior or interior locks at your business please give us a call and we can repair or replace the problematic locks.

If you have locks that are old or damaged beyond repair our lock installation service will reliably reinforce all exterior and interior access points using top-grade, commercial-grade lock hardware that’s designed to withstand heavy daily usage from customers and employees. Our lock services for your business include:

  • Lock Installation: If you have doors with no locks or only one low-grade lock on them, we can greatly improve their level of security by installing high-security exterior door locks, hardened and tamper-proof deadbolts, crash/panic bars to meet ADA accessibility requirements and improve convenience, and magnetic locks to name a few.
  • Lock Replacement: When your existing locks are old and sticky, don’t provide enough protection against break-ins, or you want your property’s access control to be more convenient, we can replace those old locks with high-security keyed models or keypad locks that use passcodes instead of keys.
  • Lock Repair and Maintenance: The locks around your business can suffer a great deal of wear and tear and we recommend you set up a maintenance schedule so our locksmiths can inspect your locks, clean and lubricate them, and carry out any other repairs they may need to keep them in good working order.

Having correctly installed, smoothly functioning robust locks significantly bolsters the safety and protection of your business merchandise, expensive equipment, sensitive data, personnel, and assets from theft, and you can count on our highly experienced locksmiths to handle the entire process efficiently.

Lock Rekeying

When staff leaves your employment or tenants move out of your apartment complex and fail to return their keys, or if a key has been stolen, our lock rekeying service is a convenient and affordable solution to compromised security. Here are a few reasons why lock rekeying is such a popular service for businesses in and around Schererville, IL:

  • Rekeying the locks on your office’s external doors will ensure former employees are unable to get inside with their old key
  • Rekeying commercial-grade locks is much more cost-effective than replacing them.
  • Multiple locks can be rekeyed to work with the same key.

Are you facing an employee turnover issue or even a full-scale burglary breach? You can depend on the seasoned professional locksmiths at Northwest Keyway for guaranteed, reliable rekeying that strictly bars any additional unauthorized access to your company facilities.

Master Key Systems = Customized Security and Convenience

Operating a business facility, apartment complex, or other large commercial building with tons of doors that all use different keys is a nightmare for owners, property/facilities managers, maintenance personnel, and employees alike. Luckily, Northwest Keyway has experience designing and installing master key systems that provide custom levels of access depending on access needs and security clearance, all while reducing the number of keys the facilities manager and other all-access employees have on their keychains!

Some of the main benefits of setting up a master key system for your commercial property include:

  • Increased security: By having different levels of keys (Grand Master, Master, Sub-Master, single-lock keys) a business can limit who has access to specific doors.
  • Increased convenience: When you set up Master Keys to open a large number of different locks your facilities manager, and other all-access maintenance/IT personnel only need one key to open all the doors they need to access on a daily basis.
  • Reduced expenses: When single, or low access-level keys are lost or stolen, you won’t have to rekey an entire floor or building.
  • Flexibility: As your business needs change you can add or remove access levels to your master key system without having to rekey all your locks.

24/7 Commercial Lockout Service

For those times when you or any of your employees lose the key to the front door and can’t open the building for business, or they lock their key inside their office, don’t panic! We provide 24/7 emergency lockout services for our commercial clients in and around Schererville, IL and will unlock your doors and cut new copies of lost keys on-site.

We’re Here For You

Our seasoned professionals have extensive experience serving businesses across Schererville and surrounding areas. We offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Contact Northwest Keyway Locksmith today to discuss protecting your company!


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