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Issues With Your Vehicle’s Ignition Lock? Call Us.

A reliable ignition lock is the heart of a dependable vehicle. If yours has been unreliable or is damaged, Northwest Keyway in Schererville, IN is the “ignition locksmith near me” you’ve been looking for with credentials and experience you can trust. Our locksmith for car ignition problems is part of our locally owned locksmith company with several years of experience, providing 24-hour service in Schererville, IN, and nearby cities such as Hammond, Highland, Gary, Crown Point, and most of Lake County. We provide ignition lock services for all makes and models, including:

  • Foreign car ignition locks
  • Domestic vehicle ignition locks
  • Specialized German car ignition repairs
  • Late-model combination mechanical and electronic locks
  • Classic mechanical ignition and steering wheel locks

The Many Reasons You’ll Need a Locksmith for Car Ignition Problems

image of an automotive ignition lock being worked on by a locksmith

If you ignition won’t turn, is hard to turn, or your key breaks off in it, we will come to you and get you back on the road quickly and for an affordable price.

Damage from attempted theft or a wrong key forced in, or looseness from old age can cause your car’s ignition to malfunction and leave you stuck. These days, problems with your car’s computer or keyless ignition switch system can keep you from hitting the road. Whether your car’s ignition problem is mechanical, electrical, or hidden somewhere in your car’s electronics, our ignition repair experts can help.

Ignition Switch Replacement or Ignition Cylinder Replacement?

The basic components of car ignition repair are ignition switch issues that affect the electrical ability to start your car, and the ignition cylinder, which allows your key to work and turn the ignition switch. Electronic components also provide a kind of “second key” for modern vehicles using a chip or transponder in your key. Some ignition switch repair shops handle only the mechanical side of your car’s ignition switch, but we can diagnose and perform car ignition repairs on sophisticated late-model vehicles.

Types of Car Ignition Lock Problems:

  • Ignition switch problems
  • Ignition lock cylinder problems
  • Issues with ignition key
  • Faulty ignition switch
  • Broken ignition
  • Ignition key issues
  • Transponder key, car computer, and other electronic problems
  • Wiring, starter, and engine problems
  • Electrical components
  • Bent or broken keys or key fobs
  • Worn-down ignition wafers

It’s vital that your car ignition repair expert be able to diagnose and repair the correct ignition lock components. Our car locksmith service can handle the complex ignition locking system right up to the signal that tells the car to start.

Mobile Ignition Repair Adds Speed and Convenience

If your car needs ignition switch replacement or ignition cylinder replacement, you’re probably looking at tow truck trips and time at the repair shop or dealer. Fortunately, there’s another option. Our mobile ignition repair van can come to you, with the equipment to make the car ignition repairs and also cut and program new keys for you, right in your driveway or at work, or anywhere else your car’s ignition becomes damaged. Even if you can still start your car after a few tries and jiggling your key in the lock, it makes sense to quit taking chances, get the repairs you need, and make it happen on your own terms, not the shop’s. Let our team of professionals take care of you with our ignition replacement services.

Quality Car Ignition Repair that Comes to You

At Northwest Keyway, we offer top-quality mobile ignition repair service, saving you the time, trouble, and cost of tow trucks and dealer service. Our mobile locksmith van has the equipment for making mechanical repairs and also solving problems with your car’s electronic locking systems. Of course, we also make the transponder keys, prox keys, key fobs, and remotes that you need to enjoy your ride. Call us today!

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